Travel Tips – Packing Light for a Carefree Trip

Travel tips in travel books and on travel websites often advise travelers to “pack light.” In my experience, these sources of travel information don’t go far enough. If you’re a budget traveler you’re unlikely to be relying on hotel porters, taxi drivers, or other people paid to drag your luggage around. You’re more likely to be […]

Travel Tips for Senior Travelers

Air travel can be exhausting even for a fit adult and whether you believe it or not, after the heroic incident of 9/11, the airport securities, limitations in services and special requirements and expensive airfares have worsen the situation. Luckily, there are certain things that still keeping the traveling for senior travelers an easy and hassle-free […]

Top European Ski Destinations for Solo Adventurers

Val d’Isère: France’s Alpine Gem for Solo Skiers Val d’Isère, nestled in the Tarentaise Valley, is a paradise for solo skiers seeking both top-notch skiing and a dynamic social environment. The resort’s ski school offers intensive courses in November, where individuals can join others to improve their skills on the Grand Motte Glacier in Tignes. With […]

Tips for Safe Holidays for Solo Women Travellers

Solo travelling bestows a sense of freedom and independence to the womankind. For them, travelling alone fetches its own sets of delights and challenges. Whether they are on business tours or on pleasure seeking holidays, women travelling alone are more likely than men to bump into problems in certain situations. Therefore, they need to practice and […]

10 Must Know Tips for the Solo Traveler

Ever wondered how it feels to stand at the edge of the Grand Canyon, enjoying the wondrous view made by nature a billion years ago? Or stand in awe of the advancement of a long ago civilization as you stand on the steps of Machu Picchu? Travelling alone is one of the things that every modern […]