Adventure Travel to India

India is not rich only in leisurely tourism but it can also be considered as a paradise for those who have eternal affairs with the wildlife or animals. India has been gifted with a vast landmass comprising of various landforms like the mountains and hills, rivers, deserts and thick green forests that have been well spread […]

Spice up your life with an adventure holiday!

Defining an Adventure HolidayOk, so you’ve decided that you want an adventure holiday. This leads you to the next question – what type of adventure holiday do you want? There is just so much variety and different perceptions of the word “Adventure” that people have come up with all sorts of activities to define this word. […]

Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro with African Home Adventure Tours and Safaris

Climb Kilimanjaro-Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing-Kilimanjaro Hiking & Trekking Safaris. YHA-Kenya Travel Climb Kilimanjaro-Mountain Kilimanjaro Adventures Expedition. YHA-Kenya Travel Mountain Kilimanjaro Adventure travel specializes in adventure climbing travel activities within Kenya and Eastern Africa region has safari packages that are a very unique for Mount Kilimanjaro climbing budget adventure tour programs that run through the year. YHA-Kenya Travel operates […]