Adventure Travel to India

India is not rich only in leisurely tourism but it can also be considered as a paradise for those who have eternal affairs with the wildlife or animals. India has been gifted with a vast landmass comprising of various landforms like the mountains and hills, rivers, deserts and thick green forests that have been well spread all over the world. Due to these, India has emerged as an important destination for the thousands of adventurous tourists who usually take various adventure travel to india

From east to west the entire region have been full of adventurous tourism; any tourist willing to have an adventure travel in India particularly in the western part of the country may possibly get to enjoy the great Thar Desert of Rajasthan. The available of camel safaris through the astonishing sand dunes of the vast desert land in the west is one of the best adventure spots for tourists. Traveling for a day riding over camels all through the desert under the hot sun may test the natural stamina and endurance of the tourists which is something very interesting to do so.

Apart from it, there are many wildlife sanctuaries in Rajasthan like the famous ones are Ranthambore. In this sanctuary adventurous tourists will find some of the exciting moments as there are many animals’ safaris available all through the forests. Jeep safaris, elephant safaris and horse safaris are the major attraction by which they can have the beautiful glimpses of the Indian national animal tiger followed by many wild creatures like beautiful antelope, spotted deer, wild boar, and many birds and reptiles species. It has been an integral part of the Indian tourism system.

In the northern part of the country tourists can go for various adventurous tour packages with adventure travels in India which will take them to the many destinations of the north like the snow capped mountains and hills. These are the best destinations for many adventurous winter sports like hiking, skating, etc. The Indian adventure travels also include the serene rivers in Uttaranchal where various water sports like river rafting and fishing. The high lofty mountains of the north also provide adventurous tourists the scope for mountaineering, followed by paragliding, hot air ballooning and traveling all through the thick forests of many wildlife sanctuaries of Jim Corbett. In the southern part of the country travelers can go for various water sports or events that consist of the adventurous elements. Along with various adventurous activities of waters carried out by tourists in the rivers and seas they can also go for many animals safaris in the famous wildlife sanctuary of Periyar. The major attractions available in the Periyar include once again the famous tiger, elephant and many more species ranging from small to large or gigantic ones.

The adventure to IndiaTravel

may not be fully flavored if tourists cannot loot the adventure activities of the various parts of the north east regions of the country.  Kaziranga in Assam and Namdapha of Arunachal Pradesh are the two important wildlife sanctuaries which are rich in adventure. car hire in Delhi

India is truly a paradise for the adventurous tourists as the entire country is full of destinations where thousands of tourists from different parts of the world usually visit for various adventurous expeditions. They can enjoy adventure at serene rivers to eyeful desert and seas to snow capped mountains and hills followed by many wildlife sanctuaries. It is the reason adventure travel in India is gaining huge popularity.

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